Smart Surveillance with Machine Learning and Computer Vision

“Smart Surveillance”, a big milestone in the surveillance industry Smart surveillance systems have really revolutionised the process of monitoring and observing any place of interest. A smart surveillance system is software-based on Artificial Intelligence that monitors a site of interest with the aid of multiple cameras. This surveillance is considered “smart” because the software is equipped with Machine [...]

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Leveraging AI Solution for Reducing the COVID-19 Risk

The impression of COVID-19 on the world: Old routine or new expectations after the pandemic? COVID-19 is the global crisis nobody expected. To prevent the rapid spread of this pandemic all kinds of safety measures are being taken. Social distancing is the most essential precautionary measure in order to prevent the virus from spreading across [...]

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AI, The Saviour To Appear Before Vaccines To Prevent COVID19

COVID19 – the disaster nobody suspected We heard stories about famines and natural disasters from older generations and also experienced some ourselves. Nobody predicted a virus to take over the world and alter the course of everything around us. COVID-19 has taken the world by storm, with approximately 1,400,000 lives lost to the deadly virus. [...]

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The Rise of Automation In Workplaces

A history of Industrialisation & Automation  Introduction to robotic machinery boosted industrialization in the early 1980s. The term Robot was founded by a Czech writer in 1920, Karel Capek, in his play known as Rossum’s Universal Robots. The play depicted a situation of robots taking over the world. By the year 1939, the first physical [...]

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