Virtual Try On – A tap and try virtual shopping experience

Virtual Try On – A tap and try virtual shopping experience

Virtual Try On – A tap and try virtual shopping experience

The Challenge

Our client approached us to create a tool for online shoppers, that would help them instantly visualize their online shopping experience. 

We could think of no better way than computer vision in amalgamation with augmented reality to create the best solution, and that is exactly what we did. 

We created Virtual Try-On – A tool, designed to integrate with any eCommerce platform and capable of helping people visualize wearing any product. A perfect virtual try on!

Key features

The Virtual Try On project turned into a robust AI-powered virtual try on with these key features.

Process live feed from a webcam

Customer behavior analytics

Offer personalized recommendations


We started our journey with a laser focus on what we had to deliver. Starting from training the face detector and facial landmark detector, we wanted to achieve a seamless virtual experience in which a person could try on any product without any delay in augmentation.

We use advanced computer vision and deep learning algorithms to segment parts of the human body. These segmented parts were projected in a virtual space, processed and then cast back to the actual space of the webcam.

The geniuses at RevolveAI worked round the clock to train the State Of The Art ML model on large amounts of data and achieved a fully functional AI system that was fast, reliable and robust.


In our quest to project completion, we had to work around the following challenges:

Data gathering, labeling & augmentation

There was initially insufficient data available to train our solution model. The data also needed to be diverse. So, we processed millions of images, using various open-source databases and trained our AI model on that.

We used data augmentation techniques to address the need for diversity by taking in account different backgrounds, lighting conditions, invariant poses, etc.

Technologies used

  • Tensorflow WebGL

  • Three.js

  • Javascript

  • C++

  • OpenCV

  • Numpy

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