Anything out of the ordinary has the power to cling to people’s minds. The experience of Augmented Reality (AR) is nothing but spectacular. It holds a visceral sense to it, making it perfect for marketing. Since it brings cognitive intelligence to every industry, everyone was pretty sure about AR wonders in the real estate industry, too.

Augmented reality in real estate sector is making game-changing improvements. From creating appealing architecture models and blueprints to compelling virtual experiences of properties, it is amazingly transforming the real estate sector.

Augmented Reality will continue to grow, and the real estate industry will find new and exciting ways to use it.

Whether it’s healthcare, marketing, fashion, or education, there is no limit on what you can do with this technology — it is gradually taking over every industry.

A 2019 study by Deloitte explains that more than 50% of commercial real estate investors say that the industry should prioritize integrating AR and similar technologies”. And look, everyone is already on the bandwagon of using AR in real estate.

If you are a modern real estate business owner and not leveraging the power of AR in your business, you gonna be out of the industry – sooner or later.

There are numerous untold benefits of Augmented Reality in the real estate business — let’s get to know them in detail.

Benefits of Augmented Reality In Real Estate

The dynamic combo of computer vision and Augmented Reality has opened up doors of endless opportunities in the real estate business for both buyers and sellers. From digital marketing of properties to 3D house tours, AR is outweighing the old ways of buying and selling the property, paving its way into the future.
What are the uses of AR in real estate, and what’s making it so popular there — have a look at these detailed benefits.

Virtual Visits

Think about days when you spare out time within a tough schedule, and face horrible traffic to finally visit a house, only to get disappointed since it was not like what you imagined.

However, eliminating tedious physical visits, Augmented Reality helps you visit multiple properties virtually from anywhere in the world. Whether it’s an unbuilt property, a property for sale, or one in the designing phase — you can visit and visualize your future there.

You can now look up a property in 3 dimensions without limiting the bits a camera captures. AR creates unique 3D models of a real 2D property that you can view from different angles, sections, and layouts with smart screens or high-end AR glasses.

These AR and VR-powered visuals help real estate agents, builders, interior designers, and architects to create and share visuals that look real.

Virtual Property Staging

It’s pretty hard to think how a home will look after furnishing, or would it be better with less furniture or more? And since you are always looking for designs and aesthetics, you can’t make such decisions in the blink of an eye. But guess what? Now you can make such decisions quickly with super powerful Augmented Reality!

AR supports virtual property staging — you can integrate highly realistic furniture, decor, and other household items into your virtual home and decide whether it looks good. And yes, you can set anything in your virtual house without spending a penny! Isn’t it amazing?

Augmented reality in real estate makes it easier for buyers to imagine the place as their own. However if you want to Increase your sales and reduce costs for your real estate , leverage the industry’s best Revolve AI’s Augmented reality solutions.

Greater Engagement levels

What if you have a potential buyer for your property but located in a different city or country? Here, the bigger roleplay of Augmented Reality begins. Bridging the gap between buyers and sellers, smarter AR apps allow exploring the property from the comfort of home.

And since there are multiple AR applications for real estate sector, you would probably be spending time exploring them and looking out for more opportunities for purchasing or selling. Also, offers you an immersive and trendy real estate experience.

You can achieve greater engagement levels with the AR app’s real-time data analytics. It will reveal the number of people interested in your property, who makes a purchase or share it with someone else — what’s a better way than AR to know about your customer preferences?

Competitive Advantages in Market

It’s pretty hard to secure your company’s position when there’s so much competition out there. Since there’s higher competition in the real estate sector too, you can make yourself stand out by creating such immersive experiences that didn’t exist before. That can be made possible with augmented reality.

Augmented reality makes a difference in the real estate market, allowing users to feel an immersive and more personalized experience with an emotional connection. Moreover, with the power to resolve deal-breakers, real estate agents leveraging AR are definitely at a glaring advantage over those who don’t.

Cost Optimization

Although it seems that AR applications for real estate would cost a lot, it saves you money in the long run. It’s not just saving your money spent on physical trips to visit properties and property dealers’ fees, but also how real estate agencies can double their profits by creating amazing product offerings, appealing advertisements, and business trips with the help of augmented reality.

Various Augmented Reality Applications for Real Estate Industry

AR’s incredible visualization power and unique interaction capabilities have convinced realtors, architects, and interior designers to integrate AR into their businesses.

Replacing the lengthy deal-closing processes, AR is speeding up customers’ decisions smartly and ensuring they make safe investments.

Let’s explore the synergy between the real estate industry and augmented reality apps.


VERA is an absolute combination of computer vision and augmented reality, transforming buildings into intelligent environments. You can digitally reconstruct your space inside out with a 3D visualization of the space without leaving your room!

Also, it offers robust navigation services with positional tracking without any additional hardware. Vera’s real-time data analytics, powered by AI and ML, helps builders in perfect decision-making and are ready to adapt to any environment.

Commercial realtors and building owners can get a competitive edge in their business with Vera.

2. IKEA’s Augmented Reality App

The most popular interior design AR solution, IKEA’s AR app, allows you to search and try out furniture and decorations items in your living space without stepping out of your home. Select any product and drag-n-drop it to your space. If it looks good, purchase it later!

3. Air Measure

Air measure App is one of the best supporting tools for builders and architects helping them get rid of the pain of measuring dimensions every time.

It’s an AR-powered measuring tape and ruler, offering multiple options to get accurate measurements of anything from small items, to room dimensions, faraway buildings & structures – even people too. Bundled with additional tools, like adding laser levels to walls or surfaces to make drawings or mark things in 3D space. Moreover, you can preview your place with virtual furniture in the app’s catalog.

With air measure, you don’t need any long reels of inches tapes — you just have to point the camera at the place you need to measure, and it will show you its dimensions.

4. Magic Plan

Magic plan Instantly creates and shares floor plans, field reports, and estimates with one easy-to-use application. Gearing towards contractors, this AR-based app helps them to connect with team and understand what’s happening on-site without going there.

It measures and sketches 2D and 3D home plans with structured reports, so you can’t get confused. Also, when you capture images of a property, including its walls, floors, ceilings, and doors, magic plan creates its full-fledged floor plan. It helps buyers or tenants to visualize better how they would use this space.

5. Real AR

Real AR turns simple floor plans into unique walkthroughs, understanding your property plans within minutes. A fusion of artificial intelligence and augmented z reality, this app visualizes properties on-site or remote, even before they are built. Also, it quickly figures out room sizes and layouts.

One of the best things about RealAR is that it doesn’t require any additional device — you can perform all tasks on your smartphone.

Whether you’re a home sales consultant, real estate agent, or building professional, RealAR quickly transforms your visions into life-size designs.

How to Add Augmented Reality to an Existing Real Estate Business?

Various applications of AR in real estate exist, from house hunting to transforming construction. While already making inroads, the technology has only begun to deliver on its potential. Besides including it in your business from scratch, you can still add augmented reality to your existing real estate business and leverage its potential to the fullest.

  • Property Management with AR

Other than renting out the property, property managers have to maintain and fix its physical issues since tenants always request multiple things to improve.
To get rid of such problems, property managers can use AR applications that can digitally sort property’s physical conditions, giving service technicians the ability to assess and solve maintenance issues remotely.

  • AR-powered Commercial Real Estate

Real estate entrepreneurs can now sell their vision and unlock the full potential of empty spaces by transforming a vacant, ugly property into a fully furnished one. Furthermore, without heavy investments, real estate developers use 3D models to make stakeholders better understand the vision behind their projects.

  • Property Development with AR

When so many things are going around at a time, often, few of them go wrong. Things also go bad in construction and design phases of the real estate sector. However, augmented reality enriches with critical intelligence, giving developers and designers a heads-up before any error occurs.

  • Design and Decor with AR

All of you have gone through a situation where you got confused and felt it hard to visualize things until you see them in real life. The same situation comes up when you design your dream home. But all thanks to AR technology, interior designers and their clients can preview a perfect home design with furniture.

Now, you don’t have to wait longer to see your dream home turning into Reality — Experience it already with Augmented Reality!

Wrapping up

The immersive experiences of Augmented reality in real estate sector have become so common that we don’t find it an exotic technology anymore. Well, this sounds great for people dealing with it, especially when they want to engage customers virtually and sell their ideas and models instead of spending more time and budget on traditional ways of marketing.

With these benefits from Augmented Reality in plain sight, instead of whether to adopt Augmented reality or not — the question here is: how soon are you adopting it?

Choose Revolve AI as a perfect partner to embark on your exhilarating AR journey – With our ground-breaking augmented reality solutions, bridge the gap between your illusory and real world and enable countless possibilities for your business.