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About Us

RevolveAI One platform for all AI solutions

RevolveAI builds innovative Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence solutions for businesses, brands and research institutes with its ever-growing team of Ph.D. Researchers, Machine Learning Experts and Computer Scientists.
RevolveAI believes in continuous learning and staying up to date with cutting-edge technologies to provide the best solutions possible for all your requirements.

Our Specialization

Computer Vision

One of our main expertise is to enable computer systems replicate the complex parts of human vision systems and making them understand the meaningful abstractions from visual data.

NLP & Sentiment Analysis

With the increase of unstructured textual data, our expertise can help bring useful meaning to that data, not only advantageous for your business but also enabling automation of customer service and providing better understanding of pain points of your clients.

Reinforcement Learning

In a world rapidly moving towards automated vehicles, humanoid robots, and other intelligent systems, we will make sure to provide you with the best of the class in these technologies for your multi agent based systems in complex settings.

Time Series

We have extensive experience and expertise to provide useful learning and meaningful insights towards the time series data which is one of the most important types of data in any organization working in real time transactional environment.

Audio Analysis

A substantial yet ignored type of data in any organization is audio. Now with the help of evolving sound analysis techniques, we will make sure to put this type of data to good use in various applications required to boost your business.

Predictive Analysis

With the outburst of content based applications, the need of a good recommendation based system is of critical importance for the success of such application and we will provide you with that system, ensuring you stay ahead of the competition.

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