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Computer Vision

RevolveAI is your best choice for Artificial Intelligence services. At RevolveAI, we provide you with high quality Computer Vision services. Our computer vision services will enhance the experience that your business has to offer to its customers. We design and develop custom computer vision apps that are well integrated with a wide range of tasks, ranging from object detection,classification and segmentation to image generation, pattern recognition, image and video inpainting. To fully equip your business for the challenges relevant to your business industry. Our team of experts allows you to select the optimal hardware to develop applications, integrate cameras and improve the process efficiency. Our expertise on Computer Vision will enable your business to grow in the right direction, making the most of the opportunities available to you!

Our best computer vision services

- Object Detection and Tracking
- Optical character recognition
- Pose Estimation
- Face recognition
- Video analytics
- Emotions analysis
- Medical Imaging
- Smart Video Surveillance


RevolveAI brings you high-quality Natural Learning Process services. We offer the latest NLP technology that enables human-to-machine communications, utilizing big textual data, powerful computing and advanced algorithms. Our team of experts develop high quality NLP apps that allows users to communicate and command a machine effortlessly. Our expertise over NLP allows us to master all phases of developing a NLP software, including lexical (structure) analysis, parsing, semantic analysis, discourse integration, and pragmatic analysis. We have extensive experience and have developed fully functional and usable NLP softwares, that are designed to offer users a wonderful experience!

Our top NLP Services

- Chatbots
- Document understanding
- Text Generation
- Machine Translation
- Sentiment Analysis and Text classification
- Automated Question Answering
- Entities and their relations


RevolveAI brings you the best Artificial Intelligence services integrated with reinforcement learning tools. Our Reinforcement learning services are an integral part of designing and developing ML and AI softwares. Reinforcement learning algorithms are influential computational theories pertinent to neuroscience for behavioral learning, dependending on reward and penalty. We use the reinforcement learning technology to enable algorithms that aim to maximize certain values based on rewards, as a response to appreciable behavior.

Some of our best Reinforcement Learning Services

- Game playing agents
- Autonomous Driving
- Traffic Light Control
- Robotics


Time series allows us to present data against a timeline, allowing you to assess and analyse a stream of data against a timeline domain of a variable. Time Series analysis is lucrative in assessing how a given asset, security, physical condition or economic variable change over time.

Some of our Time Series Services

- Economic Changes
- Environmental Variable Calculators (smoke, gas, temperature etc.)
- Medical Screening & testing
- Disease Spread Rate
- Employment rate, GDP, Consumer Price Index, Inflation


We integrate our audio analysis to maximise your AI softwares. Our audio analysis services allow us to understand and process audio data. Audio Analysis AI experts are trained to extract deep insights from audio and video, improve marketing, communication, and research to facilitate the optimal growth of your business.

Some of our Time Series Services

- Emotion Detection
- Keyword extraction
- Topic Inference
- Noise Reduction
- Sentiment Analysis
- Speech understanding


At Revolve AI, we understand the needs of your business in an increasingly competitive world! We strive to prepare you for every aspect of your business. Predictive analytics enables the use of data, statistical algorithms and various machine learning AI tools and techniques to identify possibilities of future outcomes, based on previous patterns of data. We aim to go beyond the obvious and present the best assessment of what the future holds. We bring you the best predictive analysis services that will equip you to plan better, avoid unforeseen hindrances, avail opportunities and grow in the right direction to excel in the industry pertinent to your business.

Some of our top Predictive Analysis Services

- Financial Modelling
- Risk Assessment
- Customer behaviour analysis
- Churn prediction
- Retail and Data Mining


We design and develop intuitive and attractive mobile applications for Android, and iOS. Our team of creative designers develop apps by getting deep into the minds of your target audience and deliver the best user experience. Having developed top-rated apps for all kinds of businesses, RevolveAI has perfected the art of building apps by using a wide variety of technologies including Java, Kotlin, swift, TensorFlow Lite, CoreML, Arkit while ensuring that architecture flexibly accommodates business needs.


RevolveAI is a leading web development company that provides quality web-based services for all your technological needs of businesses. We have a team of hardworking and focused professionals that strives to give you exactly what can lead you to the success. Our goal is to give our customers high quality services to businesses from a vast range of technologies like, Django, Flask, Laravel, TensorflowJS, NodeJS, AngularJS, ReactJS, Python and much more. We successfully served a wide range of industries such as healthcare, education, travel, food (hotel and restaurants). We make sure to align our services with your business objectives.