The impression of COVID-19 on the world: Old routine or new expectations after the pandemic?

COVID-19 is the global crisis nobody expected. To prevent the rapid spread of this pandemic all kinds of safety measures are being taken. Social distancing is the most essential precautionary measure in order to prevent the virus from spreading across communities. Social distancing meant to avoid all kinds of social get-togethers. However, under absolutely important circumstances such as needing to visit the hospital or purchasing groceries, one has to leave the house. Under such circumstances, social distancing means staying as distant as possible from other people.

What do we have to offer?

To ensure effective social distancing being practised within a particular location, RevolveAI has an AI-based solution! It’s designed to provide high-quality insights to public agencies, healthcare organizations, local governments and businesses. From crowded shopping malls to educational institutes, hospitals, metro stations and eventful gatherings, indoor or outdoor, our solution ensure high performance and accuracy.

We already saw how significant the location is during the rapid spread of COVID-19. But now, as the curve starts to flatten in many countries — location analytics has a new role to play, and back-to-work strategies revolve around one key rule: distance. The minimum distance between two people must be at least 2 meters to avoid anyone being in close proximity with an affected person.

The health crisis has pushed many companies and public organizations to leverage real-time detection applications to control the situation. Leveraging the existing cameras and infrastructure, we integrate it with our multiple cameras simultaneously. Our solution is able to analyze, detect, and alert the authorities based on customizable rules.

How does it work?

RevolveAI utilises real-time video streaming integrating camera calibration to provide better accuracy. An efficient and powerful object detection model that enables us to train a super fast and accurate object detector. We integrate a library which allows our customers as many cameras as they like simultaneously. We have set a customizable threshold on distance maintained between individuals. For example, individuals maintaining distance below 1 meter are indicated by a red line, the distance between 1 to 2 meter is indicated by a yellow line, distance above 2 meters shows a green line. No line is shown for a distance above 10 meters. We ensure accuracy and quality.

Many organisations are once again opening their doors for their employees. These organisations are trying to find solutions to monitor and control social distancing.

Our key areas of focus for any organisation are as follows

  • Are students/employees positioned following the social distancing protocol?
  • Are patients following social distancing rules in hospital corridors?
  • Does our system yield require accuracy?
  • Is performance being maintained?

How can our social distancing solution help?

Using our solution can allow our customer to:

  • See high-level floor occupancy to maintain social distancing practices.
  • Identify the number of people present in a designated area.
  • Notify via alerts if social distancing protocols are being violated at any given location.